MS 290 Stihl Chainsaws – Operating and Troubleshooting

The MS 290 Stihl chainsaw model is one of the most prominent and widely used chainsaws in the market today. It is widely regarded as the Stihl farm boss. It is regarded as an all-purpose saw and mostly used by beginners and mid-level users. When the MS 290 Stihl chainsaw is not maintained properly, there is every possibility for it to breakdown. When such defects occur, there are few troubleshooting tips you can use to rectify the problem before taking it for repair.

Most power problems in MS290 chainsaw result from engine or spark plug. What you need to do is first of all remove the spark plug and check if the engine is running on low power measurement. You need to note if the engine is finding it difficult to start and if the problem is not due to the difficulty in starting the engine, then you will need to refill the tank to the required line. It the problem results in slow start of the engine then you will need to remove the nuts, the spark plug cover and the spark plug screen to access the plug. It is essential to read and perform this task using the supplied manual.

One of the problems associated with the inability of the engine to start is the low gas supplied. You need to ensure that you refill the tank to the fill line to resolve this problem. If you are experiencing engine problems in the cold seasons of the year, you will need to let the engine run for around 5 minutes before switching off.

One of the likely problems that may cause the chainsaw not starting off quickly is when the rope and the rewind screen are not producing enough tension to start the chainsaw. In this case you will need to replace the starter rope and rewind string if they are not giving the required tension to start the chainsaw.

In a situation where the chainsaw is not cutting properly, it will be ideal for the operator to clean the chain on the saw . A chainsaw must be able to cut clean and crisply, if not you need to check the chains for cracks before cleaning them. If there are cracks in the chains, you will need to replace such damaged parts.

Troubleshooting a Stihl chainsaw with a flooding engine problem is quite a complicated procedure. You will need to move the master control switch and remove the carburetor cover to clean the air filter. Secondly, you need to pull the spark plug wire off the spark plug and remove the plug from the cylinder head. Wipe the spark plug clean or replace it if it has been badly damaged.

The third option or step is to Pull on the engine starter multiple times to clear the fuel out of the cylinder. Replace the spark plug and attach the spark plug wire. Lastly, set the master control key and pull-start the engine. Always read the manual before doing all these.

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